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Ditch the stereotype! Healthy food can explode with flavor. Join us in this delicious revolution. We offer an innovative approach to food that unlocks a world of incredibly tasty, yet nutritious options. Let’s create a delicious and healthy future together!

Martin Šemelák

Export manager

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Where can you find our products?

2 800

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Pharmacies and pharmacy wholesalers

3 900

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Petrol stations

2 000

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Stores and independent retail chains

Catering for airlines Czech airlines,
Czech Railways and Regio Jet

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Catering for airlines

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You can buy our products in more than 3000 stores

From Fulnek we deliver to the whole Czech Republic and abroad.

Czech republic

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logistics and warehousing

Professional logistics

  • High flexibility and dynamic layout.
  • We communicate within the EDI system.
  • We provide small batch or just-in-time system deliveries.
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Warehouse management

  • We have an automated management system and a system for the movement of goods and stock.
  • Our warehouse space is air-conditioned.
  • Warehouse capacity is 2,000 pallet places.
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  • Deliveries are made within 48 hours.
  • We have our own transport meeting the EURO 3 standard.
  • We own refrigerated vehicles and thermal vehicles.
    We guarantee high quality delivery to the destination.
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Become our

Leading the way in healthy choices, we offer a range of low-lactose options alongside traditional dairy products in the Czech market.


We look for the best quality raw materials

We’re dedicated to using the finest ingredients in our products. We’re currently seeking suppliers. If your company excels in quality and sustainability, we encourage you to fill out the form below. We value long-term partnerships and look forward to hearing from you!

Form for suppliers

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