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Chicory Original

Chicory Original is a low-carb sweetener made from chicory root using a unique patented method. This innovative product stands out due to its exceptionally high content of beneficial fiber and a glycemic index of less than 5. Compared to natural sweeteners like honey or brown sugar, Chicory Original boasts up to 95% less sugar and 45% fewer calories.

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We use only high-quality chicory from European sources.

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We work with the highest-quality form of fibre available on the European market.

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Our products contain a high percentage of chicory root extract, ensuring their unique taste.

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Our products are high in fibre and low in sugar and calories.

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Leading the way in healthy choices, we offer a range of low-lactose options alongside traditional dairy products in the Czech market.


A Story Sweet as Chicory

The original chicory syrup

The dream of a sweeter yet healthier future was born in 1994, when the smell of chocolate first wafted through the picturesque Moravian town of Fulnek. At that time, the team of the newly founded company Kaumy enthusiastically threw themselves into the production of chocolate figurines.

However, the founders of Kauma would also like to offer the sweet taste to people who cannot normally indulge in it, such as diabetics. But also to all those who avoid sugar. They would like to offer people something that would satisfy their taste buds and at the same time benefit their health. After a long search and careful research, they find a treasure in an inconspicuous plant – the chicory.

Chicory is a hidden treasure, a root with a rich history and medicinal properties. It aids digestion and wards off indigestion, monitors blood sugar levels and helps with diabetes. It will brighten your complexion and boost your immunity.

The company was so taken with chicory that they decided to use it to make a healthy syrup that could replace sugar or honey when sweetening. Its development was long and arduous, but in the end they managed to create a product that is not only healthy but also extremely tasty.

Chicory Original 4Slim is today one of the best-selling chicory syrups on the Czech and Slovak market. The company is constantly working on its improvement and uses only the best raw materials for its production.

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Why chicory?

Chicory is a perennial herb that has many beneficial effects on our health. Its root contains inulin, which is a natural substance that has a sweet taste and also aids digestion. Chicory also helps the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.

Chicory is also a good source of fiber, which helps maintain healthy digestion and lower cholesterol levels. It also contains antioxidants that help protect cells from damage.

Chicory can be consumed in fresh form, as a tea or syrup. It is not only tasty but also a healthy herb that can be a valuable asset to our health.

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We harvest the chicory with respect for the environment

When we harvest our chicory plants, we actively promote sustainable agriculture, biodiversity and reduce water pollution and soil erosion.

The supplier uses technologies that ensure efficient processing of the raw material, thus avoiding waste. Focusing on energy efficiency, the company has reduced energy consumption by 50% over the last 30 years.

The product, derived from natural sources, provides short, medium and long term dietary solutions. Chicory ingredients help customers find answers to the health challenges faced by a myriad of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, promoting proper blood sugar management as well as digestive health.

Our suppliers work closely with their contract farmers, to manage and maintain the long term health of their soil and prevent over fertilization, mining or soil erosion.

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